The Christian Dior Museum regularly calls on lenders’ services for the purposes of some exhibitions. Nevertheless it owns collections which become larger and larger every year.  

Indeed, the museum often acquires new models and new accessories, in order to complete its collections. Every year, it purchases about twenty items from private individuals or in auction-rooms. The museum also benefits from donations, sometimes very generous.

Afterwards, the acquisitions are inventoried in a database and kept in the museum’s storage area. These collections enable the museum to renew as much as possible the exhibitions, and that way to offer the visitors always more models to discover, but also to gather up at the Christian Dior Museum a representative collection of the couturier’s work. Moreover, an important work of restoration is done before the exhibitions, in order to show models respecting their integrity.


 You can consult the Christian Dior Museum’s collections on the website muséobase

 ©Philippe Schlienger