"Présence de Christian Dior" AssociationChristian Dior Garden

The "Présence de Christian Dior" association, who runs the Christian Dior Museum by delegation of the city of Granville, 
was founded in 1991 on the initiative of Jean-Luc Dufresne and a team of passionate volunteers. The Christian Dior fashion museum is settled in the Villa "Les Rhumbs", the grand couturier's childhood home. This association, regulated by the Waldeck-Rousseau law of 1901, is led by volunteers elected by the general assembly and has public support (city, state, region, department) as well as private sponsors (Dior, LVMH).

Their objectives

The missions of the "Présence de Christian Dior" association are to preserve, enrich and make known the collection of the Christian Dior Museum and the work of the couturier

Preserve, ensuring the best conditions for the collection's preservation;

Enrich, thanks to an active acquisition policy. Every year, the Christian Dior Museum receives 
small or large donations, and purchases works with the support of its partners;

Make Christian Dior's work known, presenting every year a part of the museum's collection, supplemented by loans from the archives of the Christian Dior couture house, French and international museums and private citizens. In order to best accomplish this mission, the association also organizes literary, artistic and cultural events in the villa.



  • President of the Association: Jean-Paul Claverie
  • Vice-President of the Association: Dominique Baudry
  • General Secretary: Philippe Le Moult
  • Deputy General Secretary: Joëlle-Anne Robert
  • Treasurer: Alain-François Lesacher
  • Deputy Treasurer: Annie Gourdel

Over the years, the "Présence de Christian Dior" association has attracted citizens from Granville, former Dior employees,
people from Paris and all over France.

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